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The orientation camp officially opened on the 4th of May 2023. Out of many events lined up for the 3 weeks event, a skill acquisition program known as SAED (Skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development) is what majority of the corp members looks out for due to its value adding nature. Partner is expected to feature in the sensitization and training of the corp members during the weeklong program.

During the SAED event which will hold between 10th-17t May, Danvic participated for only three (3) days.
The opening ceremony was on Monday 8th. The representative of the Lagos state NYSC coordinator gave the opening address after which the officials moved around to inspect the training providers’ stand. At Danvic’s stand we had the opportunity of telling them about our services, some left with our fliers, one of them particularly, Mrs Osho ( Zonal Inspector for VI) requested that we visit her Zone for same sensitization. We got her contact for follow up.

The second visit was on Wednesday 10th . All the SAED partners present on ground were given few minutes to speak about the training they had to offer them. Madam Chidinma spoke on behalf of Danvic, after which ten(10 ) graduates of geoscience (2 Geophysicists and 8 geologists) visited our stand for further engagement.

Mrs Azoriwu educating the young geoscientists about the technical Training

Majority of them are interested attending our technical trainings while 3 of them also showed interest in attending the HSE Training.

We also encouraged them to join relevant professional bodies like Nape, AAPG, etc.,’
Our technical team comprising of Mr Busuyi and Mr Ooreofe was there on the 11th to take them through Practical hands –on training in Petrophysics. Two other corp members also joined the list of registered participants. Further interaction with them showed that, though some have heard of Danvic before now but didn’t know we do trainings.

At, the end of the training, a greater percentage showed interest in attending the PGS School. A whatsapp group has been created for them so we can have a continuous follow up with them.

This partnership being a continuous one serves as a good platform for the company to showcase her training services to the young geoscience professionals which are our main targets for the PGS School and also the short courses class. It will enhance more visibility for Danvic among the young professionals, because we are to visit up to 10 different local government to sensitize the corp members.

In general, the SAED program was a successful outing considering the feedback we received from the 12 participant, and future opportunities to engage with all geoscience corps members in Lagos state going forward.

However in planning for future SAED events, there is need for us to produce Customized Danvic roll up and mini banners . Having some souvenirs like pen, jotters etc. to go with also help our visibility publicity