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Integrated Subsurface /Field Studies


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We provide extensive studies which include the review of the geophysical interpretation, geological model, and the building of both a simulation reservoir model and a surface model, 

Study outline:
  • Seismic Acquisition 
  • Seismic Data Processing, Inversion Studies, and Multi-Client Services.
  • Asset Evaluation and Field development studies-Seismic interpretation, Sedimentological and Sequence Stratigraphic analysis, Core description and Interpretation, Petrophysical analysis, 3D Static, and Dynamic Modeling/Reservoir Stimulation, Volume Estimation (Volumetrics), and Petroleum Economics.
  • Pore Pressure Prediction and Rock Geomechanics - Pore pressure analysis (prediction from Seismic and Well log Data)
  • Quantitative Amplitude Variation with Offest (AVO) analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies.

Our strength in Reservoir Studies includes the following:
  • Use of World-class and robust Applications for our Reservoir Studies.
  • Our Jobs are handled and executed by highly experienced Professionals.
  • Strong Technical Affiliations with both local and international consultants & companies.
  • Adoption of internationally acceptable workflow formats for Reservoir Studies.
  •  We deliver excellent jobs that were well-received by all our clients.