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Integrated Subsurface Services



Danvic Petroleum has its roots in the geological sciences. We have carried out a lot of Geology services in Nigeria and with our Partners abroad. Danvic Petroleum’s staff and consultants have collectively screened, evaluated, and generated many exploration and development prospects in Nigeria and Africa. We know what makes a good prospect and we know how to spot the key factors that can make or break a prospect.Geological science is at the foundation of our business. DPI geological exploration and development services include:

Subsurface Geology

  • Prospect generation, screening and evaluation

  • Basin evaluation

  • Regional geologic studies

  • Trend Analysis

  • Field geology and mapping

  • Construction of all types of geologic maps (structure, porosity, fault, depositional, isochore, etc.)

  • Wellsite geology

  • Specialists in computer mapping

  • Three-dimensional reservoir analysis

  • Integrated structural horizon mapping

  • Integrated structural cross section construction

  • Integrated stratigraphic cross section construction

  • Detailed log correlations and analysis

  • Reservoir characterization

  • Core analysis interpretation – sidewall, whole core


Sequence Stratigraphic Services

  • Generate integrated regional stratigraphic interpretations incorporating 2-D and 3-D seismic data with well log information and biostratigraphic control.

  • Conduct localized and field level studies using structural and stratigraphic information based on the integration of data available such as well log, biostratigraphic control and core data with 2-D and/or 3-D seismic data.

  • Develop exploration strategies for individual system tracts in specific areas based on analysis of seismic facies indicators along with knowledge of local depositional history and structural overprint.

  • Sequence stratigraphic interpretation in siliciclastic, carbonate and mixed depositional regimes.

  • Seismic facies analysis to resolve reservoir potential in specific systems tractsDevelop integrated balanced cross sections depicting sequence stratigraphic relationships.

  • Detailed sequence stratigrahic systems tract mapping including facies distributions.

  • Stratigraphic modeling

  • Risk assessment of reservoir and trap seal quality on a prospect level

Petrophysical Analysis

  • Logging program design

  • Integrated formation evaluation (vertical and horizontal wells)

  • Probabilistic lithology and porosity modeling

  • Unconventional (shale gas / shale oil) analysis

  • Robust multi-well modelingFractured reservoir description and quantification

  • Capillary pressure and J-function fluid saturation modeling

  • Core analysis

  • Production log evaluation

  • Data services (digitizing, editing, conversion, normalization, archival)


Optimizing wellbore placement and maximizing efficiency involves reducing geologic uncertainty and improving formation evaluation. Danvic Drilling services provides a complete solution by pairing advanced drilling and logging technologies with trained personnel to skillfully execute the entire well plan. At Danvic, our extensive suite of production optimization products and services boost field productivity and profitability.

Well Engineering

  • Offset well studies

  • Well Engineering project scoping

  • Well design (drilling, completion, and/or workover)

  • Materials, Rig, equipment and services specifications

  • Preparing notional cost & time estimates and AFEs

  • Prepare re-entry, drilling and completions programs

Drilling Operations Project Management

  • Operation Supervision (Well site and office)

  • Procurement and management of other drilling services

  • Benchmarking and performance improvement

  • Well Construction and Intervention

  • Completion Engineering & Supervision: Cased Hole, Sand Face, HPHT, Multilateral, Horizontal, Dump Flood, Artificial Lift etc.

  • Well Intervention Engineering & Supervision – Full Completion Workovers, Fishing, Well Services, Well Treatments, Wellhead Maintenance, Production Recovery

  • Well Integrity Management – WIMS, WIST – Integrity Risk Assessment – Verification – Well Test Technical Verification – Well P&A

  • Well Decommissioning Services – Conceptual design (rig/rigless), De-completion Design/Planning/Execution, Project Cost Estimates, Well Abandonment Programmes, Risk Assessments, Onsite Supervision.

  • Carry out pre-drilling workshops, (DWOP, CWOP, Technical Assurance reviews)

  • Well Production Test

  • Well Test Engineering & Supervision

  • Risks and Logistics Management

  • Logistics of equipment and personnel

  • Costs reporting

  • Well performance reviews and continuous improvement.

  • Well Bore Stability Management


Danvic is a global leader in 2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation, providing geophysical interpretation services utilizing industry standard workstation platforms. From onshore to deepwater; from extensional to compressional tectonic settings, our geophysicists are ready to contribute to your company’s success.

Our Geophysical services include:

  • Prospect generation, screening and evaluation

  • Synergistic multi-disciplinary field studies

  • 2-D/3-D workstation interpretation

  • Seismic stratigraphic analysis

  • 2-D seismic interpretation (paper sections)

  • Seismic and subsurface integration

  • Fault surface interpretation, analysis, and mapping

  • Structural-fault-horizon interpretation

  • Synthetic seismogram generation

  • 2-D modeling

  • Seismic attribute / AVO analysis

  • Post mortem evaluation of drilled prospects

  • Pressure prediction from seismic data

  • Coherency cube analysis

Petroleum Engineering and Reservoir Simulation:

Petroleum engineering studies are fundamental to profitable operations of hydrocarbon exploration and production. At Danvic, petroleum engineering validates the geologic interpretation and focuses on the remaining potential of the field. Our petroleum engineers combine volumetric and performance evaluation results to determine the exploration, exploitation, and remaining potential reserves and resources of all properties.

Reservoir Simulation

  • Reservoir modeling

  • Complex field modeling

  • Performance evaluation and projection

  • Evaluation of infill drilling/workover programs

  • Compositional modeling

  • Waterflood design and projection

  • Waterflood performance evaluation

  • Gas injection design and projection

  • Gas injection performance evaluation

  • CO2 flooding design and projection

  • CO2 flooding performance evaluation

  • Gas cycling design and projection

  • Gas cycling performance evaluation

Petroleum Engineering

  • Third-party reserve reports

  • Reservoir management and planning

  • Estimation of proven, probable, and potential reserves

  • Volumetric oil and gas reserves and resource calculations

  • Decline curve analysis to estimate remaining reserves from performance

  • Volumetric and performance reserve estimate reconciliation to determine the most likely remaining reserves

  • Monitoring drilling programs

  • Analysis of the production history of individual wells

  • Evaluation of reservoir pressure performance

  • Depletion planning

  • Preparation of complete development plans

  • Enhanced recovery studies.

  • P/Z plots to determine the original gas potential and ultimate reserves

  • Material balance calculations to calculate the original oil and gas potential and reserves

  • Production and performance database creation for use in production evaluation and analysis

  • Evaluation of drill stem tests

  • Evaluation of the efficiency of completions (system analysis)

  • Evaluation of gas lift systems

  • Projection of oil and gas production rates for wells

  • Determination of reservoir drive mechanism

  • Projection of reservoir performance

  • Estimation of recovery factors for individual reservoirs

  • Formation damage analysis for existing completions

  • Pressure transient analysis

  • Horizontal well performance analysis

  • Vertical well performance analysis

  • Water-coning analysis

  • Gas-coning analysis